DIY Recycled Gift Tags

Hello All,

Long time no speak! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been receiving loads of store catalogues over the past few weeks, so I thought I would make use of them and take you along with me!

This is a super simple DIY, with really basic materials that I think most people would have at home. So why not dedicate this weekend to some Christmas crafting!

You will need:


Step 1:

Have a flick through the magazines or papers paying attention to the colours and textures and how they could work together. Aim for colours that match your wrapping paper or Christmas ‘aesthetic.’ Don’t forget to make use of the actual garment imagery, in this case, that Christmassy dog.

Step 2:

Getting snipping! Oh I forgot to mention the tag. I just used a cereal box to create parcel luggage shape tags, but you can create whatever shape you want- I just think parcel tags scream ‘Christmas.’

Step 3:

Use bigger pieces to cover the front of the tag entirely, just to disguise its cereal box origins. That way the back is blank for writing on.

Step 4:

Flip the tag over and trim all the excess, you can repeat this step throughout, to get a nice crisp edge.

Step 5:

Now for the details! You could just leave the tag as is, but I wanted to add a couple of Christmassy illustrations, in this case a Christmas tree- the green jumper image was the perfect colour. Snip out your shapes and stick them down.

Step 6 & 7:

Add as much detail as you like, I added some baubles and a star on top. I made a couple of illustrations including a snow man and gift box, but feel free to just use Christmas colours or abstract patterns.

Step 8:

Use the hole punch to pop a hole in the top. That's a nice easy step.

Step 9:

Loop some string through the hole to attach to your gift!


A sweet homemade tag that your recipient will love so much that it’ll become their most treasured bookmark!


I wish you all a very Happy Christmas! x