Free Things

Here's some free, yes free, bits and pieces just for you.


Lets get ready for 2021

I forgot to buy a calender for the kitchen for 2021, so I just put together my own and thought maybe you'd like one too! I'm planning to get one ready every month, but if I forget, remind me.

(Click on thumbnail to print.)

Getting things done!

One of my popular Peony designs in a new printable planner sheet. Print as many as you want to plan the life out of your week!

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FREE Colouring In Sheets

I have to confess, I did one of these myself (purely for research purposes you understand) and I was so pleased with the result! All that lovely collage texture turns simple colours into a masterpiece!

Keep your eyes peeled for more free colouring in sheets being added throughout the summer. School holidays? Sorted.